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Amrut Spectrum 004

Amrut Spectrum 004 – The New Whisky Trend of India

It was during the Mughal empire only that India welcomed whisky but the production and manufacturing started in the late 19th century. 

Amrut Distilleries were the ones to pioneer the production of whisky from malted grains in India and since then it has been the favorite brand of not only Indians but foreigners as well. 

Interesting it seems? Read more to know about Amrut’s latest products. 

Amrut Distilleries – the pioneers of Indian Single Malt 

 “Great quality is not a choice,It is the inevitable result of the environment we create.”


Amrut Distilleries Ltd is an Indian company that produces distilled beverages. It is best known for its eponymous Amrut brand of single malt whisky, which is the first single malt whisky to be made in India.

It has been the habit of Amrut Distilleries to be the first one in introducing new products to the country and keeping their legacy they have introduced a very new single malt whisky range with a unique twist.

Amrut Spectrum 004 – crafted in India with love 

“Whisky, for the past 400 years, has traditionally been aged in a cask made of one type of oak wood, which lends flavor and complexities to the malt. Amrut wanted to experiment with a cask with four different types of wood. This presented a unique challenge, as each oak-wood stave had different thickness and properties.” So four casks were made of each wood type, and staves were selected from each to create hybrid barrels. 

stated the distillery in a release.

This 2021 release of Amrut Distilleries is amazingly unique. The bottle is named Spectrum 004 because it has been aged in spectrum casks. A spectrum cask is one such made with staves (wooden slats) from four different types of oaks, including new American oak with char level 3, lightly toasted new French limousin oak, ex-oloroso sherry cask staves and ex-PX sherry cask staves. 

Amrut Spectrum 004 Tasting notes – by Ashok Chokalingam ( Amrut’s Head distiller)

  • Color of the drink : Dark Honey
  • Nose: on smelling the first scents that touch our nose is of Christmas pudding, dried fruits, coconut cream and vanilla. Later we can feel the fragrance of sticky toffee, and sandalwood in the glass.
  • Taste : A cloud of mild spice dust that is quite lovely, it is enveloped by vanilla pudding and a creamy texture. There are juicy sultanas with an aromatic mask joined by the mildest hint of phenol and a perfect degree of wood tone.
  • Aftertaste : the drink ends at a minty note and gives a sweet end to the mouth. 
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