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‘Pistola’ – The 100% aged Agave Spirit from Goa

Tequila is the official name used for a distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant. But there is one thing that envisions ‘Tequila’ distinctively. Just how there are geographical regulations for a Kentucky Bourbon to be called so, similarly for a spirit to be called tequila it should be produced in specific areas of Mexico. Even though this spirit is a speciality of Mexico, there are many other regions venturing and experimenting into the agave industry. 

India’s spirits industry is going through an evolution that results in the launch of exquisite products. One such unique spirit is going to be available soon in some regions of the country. If you’re someone who likes experimenting then, this agave-based spirit is exactly what you need to add to your list! ‘Pistola’ is a 100% aged agave spirit that brings in variety for the Indian spirits portfolio. This is the second agave-based spirit to be launched in India. 

“Owing to the strict laws that govern GI (Geographical Indication) tags, the spirit cannot be called tequila unless it is made in that geographical area.”

By Rakshay Dhariwal

The journey of agave-based spirits in India started from the launch of Desmondji’s 51% and 100% agave spirits. Rakshay Dhariwal along with his sister Radhika Dhariwal, the owners of Passcode Hospitality Stable have successfully put forward new entrants to this industry.

All there’s to know about ‘Pistola’ 

Pistola’s story starts from the point of distillation which takes place in a facility located in Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor district.

The distilled agave is then transferred to Goa for blending, ageing & bottling. This spirit is ‘silky and smooth 100% Agave spirit that’s pot-distilled, twice and rested for 70 days in ex-bourbon barrels.’ The idea for this unique spirit came to Rakshay after years of gathering intel about ‘India’s drinking habits. PHS – Passcode Hospitality Stable runs a group of successful restaurants; popular bars and these establishments were the sources of inspiration. 

The name of this product ‘Pistola’ translates to the Indian term for a small handgun. But for its creators, the name signifies – the reimagined goddess of Agave ‘Maya Pistola’ which is also the brand’s mascot. Doing something different is what this product equalizes to in this time period. Launches like these are exactly what the Indian spirits industry needs to broaden its spectrum.

“I see the demand for the spirit increasing across our bars and with the lockdown, sourcing premium liquor from abroad was becoming a challenge. We have the raw materials growing in profusion in our backyard, so I thought why not attempt to make a top class, quality product that we can serve at our outposts?”

By Rakshay Dhariwal

The ABV of this spirit is 40% and it is priced at Rs 2,695 for 750 ml.

“Sure, everyone is drinking gin right now, but tequila and mezcal is what everyone is going to be drinking in the next five years.”

By Rakshay Dhariwal

Tequila & Mezcal are going strong in the industry with celebrities such as Kendal Jenner, George Clooney & The Rock have all invested in this category in the recent past. 

Pistola is all set to be released with plans of expansion in the categories in 2022! This agave-based spirit will be available in three varieties – reposado, smoky agave and Añejo. Isn’t this good news? The goodness of one in three different ways. The first launch is of Pistola reposado which will be followed by smoky agave and Añejo next year. 

‘It’s creamy, with hints of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch, but also mildly peppery to pique the palate’ – CN Traveller. 

The great thing about agave-based spirits is that the Indian palate can naturally get accustomed to them, due to their sweetness factor. Indians are always biased to the sweeter side. 

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