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13 Years Old Bourbon by Milam & Greene

Milam and Greene whiskey brand release the Castle Series Hill Batch 1 bourbon a vintage batch 13-year-old hand-selected bourbon bottled at barrel proof, twenty barrels were mingled to create this stunning masterpiece making it the most limited of the distillery boutique whiskey which has gained an award at the recent San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Milam and Greene, an award-winning Texas-based whiskey brand launched in 2019 by entrepreneur and partner Marsha Milam a producer of the Ben Milam whiskey range, and Heather Greene master blender, world-renowned whiskey expert and author (New York Times shortlisted author about whiskey and flavor development). Their team is dubbed the dream team which embodies over 60 years of experience. Milam and Greene are one of the rapidly growing craft brands expanding nationally under the leading of the CEO, master blender, and whiskey expert.

 Milam and Greene pride its whiskey range on the fact they are the only independently owned and operated in America that openly embraces a multitude of traditional and innovative ways to make a stunning spirit under one label.

The Castle Series Hill Batch 1 is the inaugural of Milam and Greene that celebrates the art of blending vintage. The series is named for the historic Texas Institute know as the Castle which overlooks the capital building in Texas.

The series show cases Greene cask selection and blending skill  Greene honed her whiskey blending skills while evaluating Scotch whisky for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Scotland, as well as working for numerous distilleries around the globe before bringing her skill, talent and specialty to Milam and Greene.

“I approach blending with express intent and purpose. I think of various barrels the way I think about spices in a cabinet. Each barrel brings its own unique character, and the end-result should be balanced, flavorful, and elegant. I created this first batch of The Castle Hill Series to please whiskey drinkers looking for a traditional lush notes of cherry, vanilla and almonds juxtaposed with tannins and tobacco, and it finishes a bit drier than might expected. I find these kinds of complexities exciting  ”

Greene speaks of the series

This first batch of these series was created by Greene during the quiet months of isolation of 2020 in her blending castle.

The Milam & Greene Castle Hill Series Batch 1 declares its age with a deep amber color. Its complexity is immediately apparent with scents of vanilla, almond, citrus, chocolate, oak, and tobacco. Bottled at barrel proof 108.5 (54.25 ABV), the whiskey is an authoritative expression of bourbon, with a backbone of spice and tannins. It is intricate on the palate with characteristic bourbon sweetness, finishing with a lingering rush of warm spice

This exciting whiskey range goes for the retail price of $119. 99 and can be bought at select retail stores found Here and also be bought on online wine stores:

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