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Tomatin's French Collection

Tomatin’s Final French Collection Launch

“The French are considered the queen of cuisine, and the Scottish- the ultimate propagator and procreator of boozes especially whiskey. The enmeshment of both these genres does produce the unexplainable and extraordinary”

is what the new Tomatin French Collection states.

Tomatin, the award-winning Highland single malt distillery of Scotland has once again pivoted itself in the whisky community and beverage industry by the new launch of their final edition of the limited released series- The Cognac Edition.

The expression has been matured for over twelve years in the classic Tomatine ageing style. In the year 2008, it was first distilled in the traditional Scotch whisky oak casks before being moved into Cognac casks for the final stage of the processing in November 2018. 

Therefore, the edition gives the tasting notes brimming with fresh fruit and floral flavours with subtle notes of lavender and Scottish heather. On the palate simultaneously also gives hints of the cranberry, orange zest, and rose water with well-balanced spices, followed by a finished note of Earl Gray tea and poached pears as it has been distilled in the authentic French oak casks.

To celebrate the last of The French Collection and to complement the liquid on the moment of savour language, the last part of an immersive four-part sweeping content series has been published on the latest website Tomatin distillery. The stunning visuals, alongside an innovative soundboard using ambisonic, transport the viewer to the origin of the product, through a dual-oral sound – best enjoyed while wearing headphones to experience the full effect. The content is said to be unveiled in conjunction with the product availability and is exclusively designed for the consumers to pair with their purchase, allowing them to lose themselves into the world, and to the story of the final edition that completely makes up the Tomatin French Collection.

The three editions are:-

First is The Monbazillac Edition: The fragrance of Montbasilak was distilled on April 25, 2008, giving an aroma which rhythms in between notes of dark maple syrup and intense espresso, which again seem to get balanced with apples baked in cinnamon. On the palate, there is a sweet cereal flavour amalgamated with sweet milk chocolate and honeycomb for delicate spices and emerging nutty flavours. The finishing result is rich in walnut and maple syrup. 

Second is The Sauternes: The edition which was distilled on September 19, 2008, conveying a burst of peach and apricot on the nose, calmed by rich Manuka honey. The sweet honey carried on along the palate accompanied by coconut and ginger. The finalized product is implausible sweet and fresh with a syrupy mouthfeel indicative of Sauternes wine that once grabbed the barrel. 

The third is The Rivesaltes Edition, which was distilled on September 19, 2008, gives a characteristic of an astonishing note of fresh fruits married with the sweet nutty flavours for which Rivesaltes wine is solely known. The contrasting sweet and bitter flavours of the Rivesaltes dominate the palate, held together by an underlying barley aroma. The result is velvety as the flavours from the palate persist for some time. All three wine finishes were moved to wine casks for final maturation in July 2017.

The fourth and final release from Tomatin’s French Collection is the jewel in the crown. The Cognac Edition, along with the rest of the collection, showcases our innovative dedication to craft and excellence, and is the perfect illustration of the art of comparative final maturation; a concept championed by Tomatin in the Cuatro series released in 2014, which was also very well received. 

We have been overjoyed by the response from the whisky community to the earlier releases, and by introducing the Cognac finish as the final edition, we hope to attract a wider audience to our unique concept allowing them to better understand the art of cask maturation.

The Master Distiller Mr Graham Eunson stated on the launch of the Cognac Edition

Tomatin’s fourth edition, The Cognac Edition sits at 46% ABV, which is now available to purchase at the Tomatin online store and other specialist retailers for a cost of £ 65 (US$90) per 700ml bottle. Editions 1, 2, and 3 were launched to markets earlier this year along with another 21-year-old whisky last year, matured in ex-Bourbon barrels, exclusively for the travel retail channel. Therefore, dedicatedly maintaining their position in the whole Beverage industry.

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