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This Michigan Brewery Just Released a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hard Seltzer

With hard seltzer flooding the market and bourbon taking over our TikTok feeds, their combined popularity only continues to rise. But not until now had we ever seen the two beverages mixed together.

Michigan’s New Holland Brewing Co. has just unleashed Dragon’s Share, a line of bourbon-barrel-aged hard seltzers.

“Aged in freshly dumped bourbon barrels, the premium hard seltzer is a true innovation in flavor, with pure water extracting bourbon and subtle flavor notes of vanilla, caramel, and spice that were locked away in the walls of the charred American oak,” New Holland Brewing Co. said in a press release.

The brand’s hard seltzer debut follows in the footsteps of its bourbon barrel-aged stout Dragon’s Milk. The seltzer line will be available in four flavors: Original, Orange, Cherry, and Blackberry. Each comes in at 90 calories and 4.6 percent ABV, making them a slightly less boozy option than other hard seltzer giants like White Claw and Truly.

The seltzers will be available in six packs of Orange and Cherry, and 12-packs featuring Blackberry and Original, too. They’re slated to hit shelves all across Michigan, but they’ll also be available online for fans who aren’t quite a stone’s throw away from Detroit.

It’s a good day to be a Michigander.

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