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The City of Joy in a bottle – ‘Calcutta Gin’

Gin is a drink that is loved by the majority for its flavour profile. Juniper berries play a huge role when it comes to gin. British regions have successfully popularized this drink across the world. But with new innovations and creativity, every other region from different points across the globe started to venture in the gin-producing category. Each with their own goal to accomplish and with one such goal, we have a gin that was made to encompass the glorious heritage of a region in this vast world. The connection between an alcoholic beverage and a particular region’s history, heritage, the story can be seen across many spirits & liqueurs. This ‘Calcutta Gin’ is one such page in the big book but follow through to read the uniqueness of this handcrafted gin.

“The thought of Calcutta Gin was to bring forth the true essence of the city and its heritage”,

– Tanay Aggrawal, Business Development Manager for Calcutta Gin.

With the ongoing popularity of gin as the go-to drink, India is experiencing the launches of new gins in the market. An amazing addition to the list of ‘favourite Indian gins’ is the all-new Calcutta gin by Essencia Beverages Private Limited. Essencia Beverages is a part of Transways Groups. With more than 20 years in the alcohol industry, Transways Groups is now one of the largest alcohol manufacturers in West Bengal. Consistency, excellent quality, the highest level of customer satisfaction and a mind-blowing range of spirits are some phrases that encompass and describe this Kolkata based group.

The ‘Calcutta Gin’ :

Calcutta Gin is named after the region its produced in. The inspiration behind this gin is obtained from the British Era. The latest addition to Transways Group’s portfolio is termed as an affordable and value for money product. The true essence of Calcutta is ‘heritage’ which is displayed through this gin. The one thing that highlights or differentiates this gin from the rest of the category is –  a ‘no-frills, pure’ drink with no overpowering notes of botanicals or juniper. It’s smooth and can be had straight over ice and can be appreciated in cocktails, too.

The clear spirit is an ode to the erstwhile British India capital city. Consumers that have tasted this gin marked it as a gin that holds a smooth and good flavour profile. Some even stated it as a must-try while others gifted samples of it to their friends. The approach towards visual designing can be stated as simplistic and effective in capturing everyone’s attention. A square-shaped bottle with a label in the centre that has an intricate design that perfectly reflects the brand’s aim (for this product)  – heritage.  The label read out two specific terms- ‘Calcutta gin’ & ‘Curated Batch’. Each bottle comes packed in an attractive mono carton.

The Calcutta gin is priced at Rs 890 for 750ml. Thereby earning the tag of ‘affordability’.

“We are sure that the concept of gin drinking will be back with a bang in Kolkata,”

Tanay Aggrawal, Business Development Manager for Calcutta Gin.

This gin is meant to support the evolution of the gin market in India. The focus of the company is majorly doing trials and making sure that the product is available across the state. Plans for venturing into national & international regions are kept on hold as of now. Once the gin is available throughout stores in West Bengal and after overcoming every possible break, the brand may step out of the state territory.

If you’re a fan of keeping it simple then pair yours with tonic, a boatload of ice, a slice of lemon and rosemary.

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