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aint Gérmont Premium

the best vodka in the world is just of £15

One of the many important factors when it comes to choosing which vodka to drink is? Price. Yes, that’s right – price plays an important role because if too high, consumers won’t buy it but if too low then is it really up to the mark? Although many exquisite vodkas definitely have a high cost, what if we told you there’s a vodka that’s budget friendly and also bestowed with the term ‘World’s Best’ at The World Vodka Awards 2022. Intriguing? Aldi’s own brand has won the gold place and was also lauded for its top-notch smoothness. Thus achieving the mark of superiority, magnificent flavor and well you saw the cost right? 

The brand getting all the attention is – Saint Gérmont Premium vodka. It’s an amazing feat for the budget supermarket’s vodka to be crowned as the world’s best. This win will definitely increase the sales of the premium vodka overall. But that is not all, Aldi recently won ‘Best Spirits Supermarket 2022’ at the People’s Choice Awards and ‘Supermarket Own Branded Spirits Range of the Year’ at the International Spirits Festival. All these awards definitely speak up the quality Aldi provides to their consumers. 

Saint Gérmont Premium vodka is carefully crafted in the heart of France. It is made with French wheat and crystal clear water from the Charentes region. The distillation process is done 5 times to achieve the renowned purity and smoothness. 

Not one but two :

The goodness of the world’s best vodka comes in two editions :

  1. Saint Gérmont Premium French vodka
  2. Saint Gérmont Premium French Raspberry vodka
  • The ABV of both of the vodkas : 40% 
  • Country Of Origin : France
  • Quantity : 70cl/700ml 
  • Cost : £14.99 for Premium French Vodka &  £15.49 for Premium French Raspberry Vodka. 
To buy these vodkas, visit :

The crowd favorite – raspberry edition was recently brought back again by Aldi after the exciting win. Aldi is a renowned brand that was established after merging two German family owned discount supermarket chains. In today’s world, Aldi has more than 10,000 stores in more than 20 countries. 

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