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Michter’s New Limited Release Rye Whisky

Michter’s distillery drops two limited luscious expressions of American Rye Whiskies.

Whiskey can be made from a diverse range of grains like wheat, corn, barley, rye or a combination of any of them. Commonly whiskies are made from malted barley but when whiskey is made with a particular grain being more dominant – rye.

How compelling does it sound to you? Rye is a grain underappreciated and over looked at times. Let me tell you rich spice, enticing structure, a distinctive bitter finish and a balanced sense of superiority in terms of flavor are attributes that describe rye whiskies. Icing on the cake here is the diverse and appealing range of flavors one can experience while consuming these whiskies.

 The new limited release 2021

Michter’s 10-year rye

Bold, rich with a complex range of flavors. According to Michter’s, this whiskey is the one that continues their legacy while it displays deep notes of vanilla, toffee, toasted almonds and cinnamon with hints of crushed pepper and orange citrus. Bottling strength for this 10-year-old star is 92.8 proof (46.4% ABV). Fire charred,  American white oak barrels contribute significantly to an astonishing depth of flavor. Unfortunately, this shining liquid comes forward in limited quantities. Priced at 750ml for US $170.

We wish we had more 10 Year Rye whiskey to share with Michter‘s fans,”

By Andrea Wilson. Master of maturation at Michter’s.

 Michter’s US*1 Barrel Strength Rye

A richer full bodied whiskey with an unbeatable smoothness. During the production of this  golden liquid, the rye distillate enters the barrel at 103 proof which is much lower than the industry standards. The spirits mature in barrels and increase the ABV% and no water is added in case of battle strength whiskey. This whiskey is an example of Michter’s exceptional skill of delivering whiskies with uncompromising qualities. According to Michter’s, the release ranges from 107 to 112 proof because each barrel of this limited release is bottled at it’s particular time of alcohol level during the bottling period. Tasting notes of butterscotch, cinnamon with a hint of cherries and a warm, toasty vanilla – caramel note with dry finish. Priced at US $134 for 750ml. The newest bottling of this series is set to pave into UK through drinks agency Specialty Brands.

Mitcher’s historic legacy – 1753

‘The whiskey that warmed the American Revolution’ – Michter’s Pennsylvania Management.

1753- John Shenk founded this distillery originally known as Shenk’s. Back in the 18th century Shenk’s produced whiskey from rye due to high scale availability and it was the favorite local crop of Pennsylvania Blue Mountain Valley ( location surrounding the distillery). Michter’s distillery faced a shutdown during the prohibition period along with other American distilleries at that time. In the year 1950, Lou Forman one of the legacy holder branded the name ‘Michter’s’ by combining two of his son’s name – Michael & Peter.

The wrath of time didn’t stop here, 1989 Michter’s faced bankruptcy and then-owners abandoned the premises. Michter’s legacy and glory were almost drowning when two whiskey admirers – Joseph J. Magliocco and his consultant, mentor Richard Dick Newman resurrected Michter’s. So after all this the distillery witnessed a new age with a new aim set by the current owners – to honor the Michter’s legacy by producing the best whiskey possible, cost be damned!

21st century Michter’s- Widespread in Kentucky covering three locations.

  1. A 78,000 square foot distillery in the Shively section of Louisville
  2. The architecturally significant Fort Nelson Building on Louisville’s Museum Row
  3. 145 acres of farm land in Springfield.

The moment you had been waiting for. Two brand new expressions  crafted by the producer’s master distiller, Dan McKee, and its master of maturation, Andrea Wilson. Almost similar to a paradise for rye whiskey lovers :

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