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Horse with No Name Bourbon gets released by the Pernod Ricard Company

The creator of Monkey 47 gin, Alexander Stein, recently collaborated with French spirits conglomerate Pernod Ricard to launch Horse with No Name Bourbon. The bourbon is a habanero chilli-infused spirit drink made from Bourbon. Alexander Stein sold all his share of the famous Monkey 47 gin to Pernod Ricard firm last year. 

Alexander founded The Horse’s Spirit Company during lockdown to combine the expertise of Black Forest distillers and the traditional American whiskey production; to bring the best of both worlds in their spirits.

How is the Horse with No Name Bourbon prepared?

The “All Git-Out“ proprietary mash bill for Horse with No Name was created in partnership with the Firestone & Robertson Distillery in Texas. 

Horse with No Name Bourbon preparation starts is from a blend of yellow dent Texas corn, soft red winter wheat, six-row distiller’s malt, and a yeast strain from Texas Pecan. The fermented mash is then aged for more than three years in toasted American Oak barrels to impart flavors of vanilla, spice, oak, and coconut into the bourbon. 

The bourbon is then combined with a distillate made from specific habanero chillis called Red Savina (Capsicum chinense Jacquin). These chillis are selectively bred in the Black Forest Distillery in Germany. During the distillation process of habanero macerate, the ageing of the distillate in earthenware tanks for several months does not allow the heat from capsaicin in chilli to pass into the distillate. Hence, the fruity sweetness of habanero is captured without the overwhelming heat.

Finally, the matured bourbon is blended with the habanero distillate to infuse the flavors in the spirit and create the authentic flavor of Horse with No Name Bourbon. 

For more details about the infusion process, check on- 

We are beyond excited to launch Horse with No Name in the UK due to the phenomenal success we have seen with Monkey 47. Horse with No Name once again offers our customers an intriguing new spirit, which is sure to become a talking point with consumers at the bar, as well as an original brand identity that we will be activating across the on-trade in the coming months. Watch this space.”

Ian Peart, Pernod Ricard UK commercial director, announced

The brand has already teamed up with bartender Alex Kratena, who developed a bottled cocktail with the liquid at his east London bar Tayēr + Elementary.

According to the Spirits Business

At present, the supply is made of Bourbon from Pernod Ricard USA, but it will eventually be exclusively produced by Firestone & Robertson Distillery.

Tasting Notes of Horse with No Name

The official tasting notes include

  • NOSE: Creamy vanilla pudding frames spicy oak, roasted coconut, and fragrant flowers.
  • PALATE: Fine roasted aromas meet floral aromas and a subtle fruity spiciness.
  • FINISH: Harmonious and long-lasting farewell to the palate.
  • BOTTLED AT: 500ml, 45%ABV. 

Horse with No Name is available to purchase for RRP £47.89 (US$34.93) through Brandy Dandy, The Whiskey Exchange, and Amazon, and through on-trade stockists including Venus, Amathus, Enotria, and DMD.

Recipes of Horse with No Name

The liquid can be served neat or as the base in classic Bourbon drinks such as the following recipes provided by the Horses Spirit Company

Cowboy Spritz

4 cl Horse with No Name, 1 dash Lemon juice, 1 dash Lime juice, 10 cl Coca-Cola, 1 pc Lemon zest.
Stir up all the ingredients with ice cubes and serve in a glass with a garnish of lemon zest.

Horse’s Neck

5 cl Horse with No Name, 1 dash Angostura bitters, 10 cl Ginger ale, 1 pc Lemon zest spiral
Pour the Horse with No Name into a glass full of ice cubes, then fill up with ginger ale and Angostura bitters. Garnish with a long spiral of lemon zest.

As the song on the website goes- “I BEEN THROUGH THE DESERT ON A HORSE WITH NO NAME, IT FELT GOOD TO BE OUT OF THE RAIN. IN THE DESERT YOU CAN’T REMEMBER YOUR NAME, COZ IT AIN’T NO ONE TO GIVE YOU NO PAIN. La la la….” Enjoy the Horse with No Name, habanero chilli-infused bourbon, and take the cowboy quest on a horse with no name, in the desert.

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