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From the Hollow of Darkness emerge Kraken RTDs

“If you’re reading this, it’s time—to escape the mundane and do what’s never been done. It’s time to step into the dark. How can you get there? With a rum as dark as the abyss and a Beast feared throughout the world.”

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Proximo Spirits-owned brand The Kraken has recently released new Ready-To-Drink canned cocktails in the U.S markets. The RTD range is a new addition to the summer cocktail experience for the customers.

The Story of the Lone Survivor

In ancient legend, old folklore exists about a giant beast. The ferocious giant beast slept in deep dark sea waters, surfacing only to destroy and devour entire ships whole with its long tentacles. The eye of the beast was as big as an island. The sailors feared this giant beast and named the sea monster- ‘Kraken’. It was said if the Kraken finds you, it will bring large whirlpools and drown you; you won’t be able to escape the bite of The Kraken.

Once, a ship carrying spiced rum from the Caribbean was attacked by the monstrous Kraken. The Beast thrust upon the ship its massive limbs, plunging the vessel and the men on board into impenetrable darkness. All of the barrels of rum were destroyed except one, which was badly stained by the squid’s black ink. It was called “The Kraken Rum.” It is now known as a liquid of unparalleled darkness. Thus, this folklore inspired the creation of the spiced Kraken Rum and its variants.

The Kraken RTDs

Kraken RTD canned cocktails come in three flavours- Kraken & Cola, Kraken & Ginger Beer, and Rum Punch.

Kraken & Cola

The original, never duplicated Kraken & Cola – ready to drink just in time for summer.

  • AROMA- Balanced cola spices and spiced rum with light citrus
  • FLAVOR- Rich vanilla and caramel undertones
  • FINISH- Toasted oak and sugarcane

Kraken & Ginger Beer

Caribbean rum & spiced ginger beer – the perfect summer refreshment.

  • AROMA- Candied ginger and honey
  • FLAVOR- Woody, spicy ginger starts upfront and lasts throughout
  • FINISH- Vanilla with subtle tropical fruit and brown sugar

Rum Punch

The burst of a tropical summer with the kick of Caribbean black spiced rum.

  • AROMA- Balanced pineapple, cherry, and citrus
  • FLAVOR- Tropical pineapple & lime throughout with maraschino and orange
  • FINISH- Ripe mango and citrus peel

Each of the canned Kraken RTDs clocks in at 5% ABV per 355 ml bottling. The cocktails are designed to deliver a ‘refreshing mix’ of classic and contemporary flavours. The RTD range is available in select states with additional variants launching nationwide across the US early next year.

The Kraken RTD cocktails are available in four-pack cans as well as single-serve tray packs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin at an RRP of US$12.99.

The brand is celebrating the launch by offering US residents the chance to win a Giant squid-spotting expedition around the island of Roatan in Isa Guadalupe with the Krak Open Summer Sweepstakes. To win the all-expenses-paid trip to ‘Catch the Kraken’, consumers must enter via the Kraken website.

“As the demand for ready-to-drink beverages continues to boom and category growth rises, we’re eager and thrilled to introduce a new and convenient way for consumers to enjoy their favorite rum cocktails in three carefully curated flavors. As one of the only dark rum-based RTD offerings on the shelves, our Kraken Rum cocktails offer an unexpected way to add a little extra fun to your summer plans whether you’re sipping at home or on an adventure at sea.”

By Lander Otegui, senior vice-president of marketing at Proximo Spirits.
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