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2050 Organic Cognac: A Bottle of the FUTURE

“2050 Organic Cognac is a transparent, natural and true cognac, which brings organic back into fashion as a tribute to the heritage and deep convictions of the House.”

According to A de Fussigny website

 Today, sustainability and reducing carbon footprint are one of the top topics every distillery is focussing on. The initiative to ‘Go-Green’ and ‘To Give back to Mother Nature’ are vital projects which are gaining a very strong influence. We have seen recycled green glass bottles, sustainable design packaging, and many innovations on the market.  But can plant-based products be used in packaging and replace glass bottles be possible? A de Fussigny Cognac House made this idea possible by debuting organic plant-based and biodegradable bottles with the new release.

A de Fussigny recently launched a tasty organic cognac in a bottle of woven linen fibers and bio-sourced resin: 2050 Organic Cognac. For this innovation, A de Fussigny partnered with French start-up company Green Gen Technologies. 

2050 Organic Cognac Bottle- A Tribute to Nature and Future

 2050 Organic Cognac is a part of A de Fussigngny’s promise to the Future.2050 is part of the history of the French cognac House and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment that the brand has been pursuing for several years. The Paris Agreement and the latest IPCC report emphasize the urgency of implementing solutions to limit the impact of human activities on the environment and climate change. Thus, every detail of this cognac has been designed to meet this requirement. Its name, 2050, symbolizes the company’s commitment to the future, that of making it the cognac with the lowest carbon footprint.

“A. de Fussigny, a Cognac House between heritage and audacity, installed in a historic distillery on the banks of the Charente. A common ambition: is to take our responsibilities and develop concrete solutions to offer cognacs with the lowest carbon footprint. A close-knit team, which is committed to embodying our commitments by implementing projects aimed at redesigning our packaging.”

According to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank website

2050 Organic Cognac makes use of carefully selected Eaux-de-vie from organic farming, selected from the company’s partner winegrowers. The liquid was aged in French Oak barrels. No additive (no sugar or caramel) is added.

The linen bottle is a revolutionary sustainable innovation that preserves all of its aromas. A de Fussigny company partnered with Green Gen Company to produce the linen bottle. The bottle is light and very resistant: empty, it weighs 85 grams, compared to 700 grams at 1 kg for traditional spirits bottles!

Designed and manufactured in France, this bottle uses composite materials technology, which consists of assembling two components to combine lightness and rigidity. It combines flax fiber, known for its strength and lightness, and a bio-sourced resin. Not very water-intensive, flax grows very well in France, which ensures a local supply of raw materials for this bottle.

The linen threads are assembled during a cylindrical braiding and then impregnated with a resin to obtain the solid and waterproof shell of this unique bottle. The bottle label is made of natural, paperless, biodegradable, and water-soluble polymer. A de Fussigny is the first company to use this labeling system in the wine and spirits market.

The result: a light and solid bottle, which consumes less water and energy for its production and transport.

“We are proud to be the first to use the Green Gen Bottle which is not only very resistant but also 10 times lighter than a traditional bottle. In terms of carbon footprint, we aim to be one of the lowest solutions for greenhouse gas emissions. We are on initial production of 5,000 bottles, and we are not imposing any exclusivity on it so that it can be developed widely in the market.”

By Thomas Gonon, president of Maison A de Fussigny

“For us, this bottle is one of tomorrow’s premium packaging solutions for wine and spirits. On the consumer side, it is a material to be discovered by its texture, shaking up traditional codes of the bottle and adding a new dimension to the Cognac experience.”

By Gonon

 “A nectar of character, spicy and woody, round in the mouth with a smoky length, to be enjoyed on its own with ice cubes or in a cocktail. The opacity of the bottle has an additional benefit: better preservation of this precious nectar by protecting it from light.”

By Veaceslav Olaru, the Cellar Master

There are only 400 pre-sale bottles of 2050 Organic Cognac available for purchase online. You can order a preview of your bottle at the price of €49 ($ 51.06) per bottle.

For more information: Check their Official website
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