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Fishers Gin

Fisher’s Gin: Gin x Essence of the ocean

Infusions of exquisite botanical combinations do highlight a gin in the crowd but some distilleries go a tad higher. There are various unique concepts being fused together to create magic in a bottle. But, incorporating the essence of the ocean into the swirl of juniper is just mind-blowing. There are quite some brands that have succeeded in successfully achieving this feat. Yet, there’s one that will make you go – Wow! Fisher’s Gin by Fishers is a gin that encapsulates the coastal experience with a distinctive character. From the looks to the flavour – everything’s shining. 

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The Story of Fisher’s Gin 

Andrew Heald the founder of this exquisite gin, had a childhood spent surrounded by the shingle beaches, natural salt marshes and wild meadows of Aldeburgh. This was the inspiration behind this gin’s unique characteristics. He set on to infuse the memories of his childhood – significantly the flavour and vibe of the ocean into the juniper-forward spirit. 

2016 marked the commencement of what was to become a diverse portfolio of remarkable gin. Fishers Original was launched this year and it gained a good amount of recognition. The reason behind their success is a lot of points but mainly their amazing combination of botanicals. Including Cardamom, Caraway and Fennel Seed paired with rarer coastal plants like Bog Myrtle, Rock Samphire, Wood Avens and Spignel. So, you would have guessed that the flavour of this gin is savoury with distinct herbal and saline, coastal notes.

In the Spring of 2020, they welcomed their new beautiful, beachside distillery. It’s also quickly becoming one of Aldeburgh’s most magnetic attractions – offering Seasonal and Sundowner tours and tastings every day.

‘Distilled overlooking Aldeburgh’s iconic shingle beach and hand crafted using only the finest selection of local wild herbs and coastal botanicals. Fishers botanicals are foraged between the North Sea and the salt marshes of the River Alde. Our collection of Gins uniquely capture the experience and flavours of the Suffolk coast.’

By Fishers Gin

The Portfolio of Fishers Gin

  1. Fishers Original Gin The first gin created by Fishers still remains to be their best-selling gin. The botanicals used in this gin are locally foraged by Distiller Ben; some of them include local coastal botanicals and wild herbs.

The distillation is done in small batches using the London Dry Method. The taste is robust and natural with savoury, aromatic and herbaceous notes. It finishes with a creamy, smooth and long-lasting flavour.

The botanical line up: Juniper, Caraway and Fennel Seed, along with rarer coastal plants, Bog Myrtle, Rock samphire, Wood avens, Spignel

Recommendation by Fishers Gin – G&T in the style of our ‘Distillery Serve’.

  • Enamel mug straight from the freeze
  • One large ice cube
  • Double serving of Fishers ‘Original’ Gin
  • Indian tonic
  • A slice of dehydrated orange
  1. Fishers Fifty Gin This gin was curated to celebrate the opening of the Aldeburgh Distillery. Fifty contains even more of their signature Suffolk coastal botanicals to enhance this hearty and savoury gin. The Fifty lends its name to the increased strength of 50% ABV to match the intensity of the flavour. Fishers Fifty is an herbal and savoury gin with a peppery spice and pine aroma. Balanced with earthy tones and herbaceous sweetness. It retains the smooth and creamy finish despite there being a higher ABV than the Original.

The botanical line up: Juniper, Coriander & Angelica Root, along with a higher portion of rarer coastal plants, Bog Myrtle, Rock samphire, Wood avens, Spignel

  1. Fishers Smoked Gin To create Smoked Fishers, Andrew wanted to capture not only the Suffolk coast but the very specific East Anglian smokehouse flavour for which the region is famous. He got in touch with his friends up the road at Pinney’s of Orford, who’ve been smoking fish for three generations. The process includes hanging the fishers exquisite recipe in hessian sacks at Pinney’s smokehouse. This step goes on for 5 days where the distinctive smoke character gets seeded into the gin without disturbing the unique botanical composition of the gin. 

Tasting notes by Fishers Gin for Fishers Smoked Gin :

  • Nose: Raw cocoa, vanilla pods and salted orange cake
  • Taste: Woody oak smoke, cracked black pepper and juniper jam
  • Finish: Warm and lingering
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