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Fabulous Thai Rum Company Launches New Liqueur

The Fabulous Thai Rum Company has released a range of three rum-based liqueurs to attract consumers seeking exotic flavours.

The Fabulous Thai Rum Company has been created by Carl Stephenson, founder of The Bloomsbury Club in London, UK.

The company’s initial range comprises three variants: lychee, kiwi and Thai basil; ginger, lemongrass and kaffir lime; and pisang banana, cinnamon and nutmeg.

The 28% ABV expressions are a blend of aged, pot and column still rums from the Pathum Thani province, north of Bangkok, Thailand.

Each rum is made from locally grown sugarcane, and is aged in Bourbon barrels before being infused with ‘natural’ flavours. Bottling takes place in the UK.

The range is inspired by Bangkok’s street-side cocktails bars, and has been created to celebrate Thailand’s exotic flavours.

The line also taps into the ‘fast-growing’ rum category and seeks to provide an alternative to Caribbean bottlings.

In the UK on-trade, the firm will focus on bars, and Thai and eastern Asian specialist restaurants.

The company has secured a listing in The Ivy Asia bar and restaurant in London, which will offer the pisang banana, cinnamon and nutmeg variant on its cocktail menu ahead of the venue’s reopening on 17 May.

Jeremy Rockett, founder of Craftwork, which distributes the rums in the UK, said: “We’re really excited about the potential for such an innovative product, and one which has a real point of difference. Particularly right now.

“As the UK emerges from its current lockdown, we are expecting there to be an intuitive need to counteract the challenges of the last few months.

“Consumers will be actively seeking out new, exotic flavours, something which can provide the element of escapism and excitement that we’ve all been missing.

“We’ve already had great feedback from a number of bars as well as the Thai restaurant sector, who are particularly enthused to see an authentic top-quality Thai rum liqueur on the market.”

The rum liqueurs can be mixed with coconut water, ginger ale or tropical juices.

Each rum liqueur is priced at RRP £25 (US$34) and available to buy in the UK from Amazon and Master of Malt.

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