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Chef Marco Pierre White Launches Gin

Marco Pierre White is a British Chef, restaurateur, and television personality, born December 11th, 1961. He was dubbed the first celebrity chef of the UK celebrity scene. In 1994, White became the First British Chef and at that time, the youngest Chef at age 33 to be awarded three Michelin stars. He began his kitchen training at the Hotel St. George in Horrogate, North Yorkshire and later at the Box Tree in West Yorkshire.

He recently launched a dry Mr. White London Dry Gin

Mr White London Dry Gin

This is the first batch of a brand new London dry gin, it comes in a 700ml bottle. Marco Pierre White worked closely with Master Distiller Dai Wakely from Cygnet to get the balance of flavours just right.

It was distilled at Booth’s gin distillery on Wandsworth Bridge. The gin is a juniper-forward and includes botanicals such as;

  • Hand peeled orange
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Fresh Lavender.

It is bottled at 40% ABV, and priced at $77. The bottle is simply crafetd and glamorous, it is pretentious or extravagant.

Marco has joined the Spirit markers, and this could be due to the fact that Marco has always been a lover of gin.

“ I distinctly remember the smell of the Juniper berries from when I made way to and from Harvey’s, London

says Marco

Marco probably decided to join the Beverage industry because he has perfected the art of cooking simple things well enough and he thought of learning something new to reignite his passion for creating recipes from his days spent working in London.

He owns several restaurants such as;

  • London Steakhouse Company
  • Wheeler’s Fish and Chips
  • Marco Pierre White Steak house and Grill
  • Wheeler’s of St. James
  • Koffman and Mr. White
  • Marco’s New York Italian
  • Marconi Coffee and Juice Bar
  • Bardolino
  • The English House Singapore.

His previous restaurants are;

  • Harvey’s
  • The Restaurant Marco Pierre White

His television shows includes;

  • Marco (ITV miniseries)
  • Boiling Point
  • Hell’s Kitchen (UK)
  • Marco’s Great British Feast (ITV miniseries)
  • The Chopping Block (US)
  • Kitchen Burnout
  • Master Chef Australia
  • Knorr Brand Campaign
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