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Black Friday By Whisky Exchange On The Market

Christmas is around the corner. With Christmas, the festival is a great celebration around the world. The celebration calls for bringing home a range of items- Christmas tree, plum cake, presents, decorations, bells, gingerbread cookies, new clothes, wines, and whiskies, etc. Best time to stock up the rarest spirits collection before Christmas is during the Black Friday sale. Whisky Exchange spirits retailers brought a great number of spirits collections for the Black Friday sale. The annual sale launches an exclusive 22-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky: The Black Friday.

2021 Limited Edition Speyside distillery whisky was released online at 6 am on 26th November. The whisky was available in the retailer’s bricks-and-mortar shops at 11 am. The premium Scotch whisky will only be exclusively available at The Whisky Exchange. The Whisky Exchange explains the 2021 Edition whisky as a celebration of good things in life. The company promises to give an exquisite experience with the whisky that can put a smile on your face and make you fall in love with it. You can buy the bottling here.

Only 1,800 bottlings were produced and out of which only 336 bottles are left for sale. The Scotch whisky is priced at £110 (US$146.48) for 70cl at 49.2%ABV.

“Customers want something special on Black Friday and we’re the only whisky specialist that produces its own special bottling for the day. Our customers trust us, so while nobody knows what to expect when we reveal our Black Friday whisky, they take a chance on it, and for good reason: we’re well-known for finding very nice whiskies.”

By Sukhinder Singh (Co-founder of the whisky exchange)

According to Billy Abbott, brand ambassador for The Whisky Exchange, the single malt offers fruity aromas ofsweet apple and white-wine-poached pear, raisins and sultanas, flambéed pineapple, and creamy banana splits. A touch of mint fondant follows, leading to Madeira-soaked spiced sponge cake and old, wax-polished floors. The fruity notes build, as the whisky sits in the glass, joined by freshly cut grass.’

‘Rich and creamy on the palate with milky coffee quickly swamped by the fruit from the nose: more apples and pears as well as tropical fruit jelly. Darker notes of polished oak and bittersweet dark chocolate build underneath, along with spicy cinnamon and clove, and a balancing dusting of brown sugar. Old leaves appear at the end, drifting across an autumnal forest floor. The creaminess lingers, with old oak and a touch of cherry sweetness fading to leave mocha coffee towards the finish.’

The bottling is completely in black to surround the mystery of the liquid. This goes on to show that you can only know the mysterious liquid when you buy it and taste it. The label is also jet black colored with Black Friday single malt Scotch whisky engraved in white. The label has 2021 Edition and from A Speyside Distillery written at top and middle. The maturation age is in royal blue color. The bottom has The Whisky Exchange logo and the whisky alcohol volume value with the bottling capacity.

The Whisky Exchange has been continually releasing its Black Friday mystery whisky tradition since 2017. The 2021 Limited Edition Black Friday whisky was matured for 22 years and hails from a mysterious Speyside Distillery. Details of the distillery have not been revealed yet by the Whisky Exchange. 

Earlier this year, The Whisky Exchange announced its take over by the French spirits conglomerate brand Pernod Ricard. For more details, check the article here.

Only limited stocks of the Black Friday whisky are left. Don’t wait for another year to buy your Black Friday mysterious whisky. Take home your whisky bottling and enjoy the mysterious experience. Take a leap of faith with the discovery.

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