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This Vodka Is The Newest Indian Spirit To Come Out Of Goa

If you’ve lost track of the number of gins and beers to come out of Goa in the recent past, you’re not alone. Adding to the high spirits of the sunshine state, Rahasya vodka from Goa is the newest craft spirit that attempts to “capture the essence of India.”

“Traditionally a market for beer and whisky, the trends are now shifting towards trying out more flavours and blends in beverages and Indians are looking inwards for more homegrown brands.”

Goa’s new vodka

In the making for more than two years, Rahasya was due to launch last May, but the pandemic played spoilsport.

The result is a crisp vodka with a refreshing aftertaste. Made from high-quality corn and wheat grains from Punjab, it is best enjoyed plain and simple on ice. It is recommended to pair the vodka with chilled tender coconut water. But if cocktails are your jam, the vodka also shines in a Bloody Mary.

In terms of design, the attractive 750ml bottle is packed with motifs that celebrate “India’s mysticism, heritage, and folklore.” Look closely at the label and you’ll see elements inspired by astrology charts, Indian alchemy and mandalas. Keeping in mind rush hour at a bar, the bottle shape was designed to ensure ease of use by mixologists. The ‘easy-grip’ label, we’re told, will prevent the bottle from slipping from a pourer’s hands. 

Rahasya is available only in Goa now but will be in Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra by the end of 2021.

Rs 850/- for a 750ml bottle

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