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The Famous Grouse Sherry Cask Finish hits the market

“The Famous Grouse stayed in the Gloag family for five generations. They built their reputation on two things: good manners and great whisky. ..Famously well balanced with a golden view.”-

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The Edrington Group-owned blended Scotch whisky brand, The Famous Grouse recently released a new edition: Famous Grouse Sherry Cask Finish whisky. This latest expression is a part of the Cask Series range and will be present in the brand’s portfolio.

The Famous Grouse Sherry Cask Finish blend is made from Speyside Malts that were matured in European oak casks and seasoned with Sherry. The blend took two years to develop the authentic flavors of the Famous Grouse Scotch whisky brand. The casks used are from the region of Jerez which gives Sherry Cask Finish its unique taste. This makes for a smooth and sweet whisky that’s as perfectly balanced as the Grouse on this cask.

The Cask Series uses a mix of wood casks from several distilleries to create truly unique whiskies. The range includes- The Famous Grouse Wine Cask, The Famous Grouse Bourbon Cask, The Famous Grouse Ruby Cask, and The Famous Grouse Toasted Cask. 

Sanele Gwala, global senior brand manager at The Famous Grouse announced: “This new, revived blend is finished in Sherry casks and butts seasoned in the region of Jerez, Spain. The aim was to create a blend that is slightly sweeter but still in keeping with the smooth and distinct DNA of classic Grouse.

Once the blend is in its final stages of maturation, which involves the meticulous combination of hand-selected malt and grain whiskies, The Famous Grouse master blender does not stop there; the full blend is married in ex-Sherry casks to further enhance their sweet, rich, and smooth characters.

The Sherry Cask Finish is a decadent blend of festive flavors including chocolate, almonds, dried fruits, and sweet spices.

The packaging and design for the expression are unique. The design on the bottling pays tribute to the female Capercaillie bird, a large woodland grouse inherent to Spain. This particular bird was chosen for its link to the product’s Spanish Sherry heritage, as well as its orange and red plumage, which ‘echoes the deep amber’ of the liquid. The brand announced its support to preserve the bird’s local habitat through the release.

The Famous Grouse Sherry Cask Finish blended Scotch whisky is bottled at 40% ABV. 

The expression will be released globally in 19 markets, starting this month. You can purchase the bottling via the authorized retail stores or online for an SRP of US$26.15 per 1L bottle.

About The Famous Grouse brand

The Famous Grouse brand is a blended Scotch whisky brand that was founded by Matthew Gloag in 1896. He was a grocer and wine merchant at Atholl Street, Perth, Scotland. Gloag originally specialized in imported wines and ports from France, Spain, and Portugal. When Queen Victoria visited Perth in 1842, he was invited to supply the wines for the royal banquet. . Its emblem is the red grouse, Scotland’s national game bird. It has been the highest-selling whisky brand in Scotland since the 1980s.

The Famous Grouse currently is produced and owned by The Edrington Group. The single malt whiskies used in The Famous Grouse blend include the Edrington-owned Highland Park and The Macallan.

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