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Proximo Spirits

Proximo Spirits-The Global Innovator Of Quality Spirits

Proximo spirits is an American spirits importer that has a global presence for affiliation with quality brands. This international distributor is mainly known for its association with the world’s largest selling tequila brand – Jose Cuervo. 

Always on the lookout for what’s next, PROXIMO builds brands and invents new products to meet the world’s changing tastes and trends in memorable new ways. The future of spirits is coming. Enjoy what’s next.’ – Proximo Spirits.

The story of Proximo Spirits was started in 2007 by the authority that owns and operates Jose Cuervo. The Beckmann family of Mexico, who are the descendants of Jose Maria Guadalupe de Cuervo, established the Proximo spirits unit. The headquarters is located at Jersey City – New Jersey, apart from this there are 4 other branches located at – Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom & Australia. Proximo Spirits has a diverse portfolio of innovative spirit brands like 1800 Tequila, Three Olives Vodka etc. In March 2013, Jose Cuervo’s distribution rights from Diageo were taken over by Proximo with an already set plan to spend more on marketing & innovations. 

The growth of Proximo Spirits has been steady and at times astonishing. Within 5 years of commencement, the group increased the sales and approach of their major brands. In 2012, 1800 Tequila went through an increase of 15% in sales as compared to the previous year’s numbers and the overall sales increase went up 73% from 2009. The brand Three Olives was up 18% from 2009 to 2011. Kraken Rum underwent the most drastic growth; it was launched in 2010 and went through an increase of 50% from 2011 to 2012. 

Proximo Spirits current President & CEO – Michael Keyes, former Brown-Forman Executive came on board in 2019. 

“Michael Keyes is a proven leader with the right skills and experience to head the group’s business efforts in the United States and Canada.” – Juan Domingo Beckmann, CEO of Becle

In Nov 2021, Proximo Spirits in collaboration with Dubai Duty-Free put on a magnificent showcase for Mexico’s Maestro Dobel Tequila at Dubai International Airport. 

The diverse portfolio of Proximo Spirits :


  1. Jose Cuervo
  2. 1800 Tequila
  3. Gran Centenario


  1. Bushmills
  2. Tincup


  1. Three Olives
  2. Hangar 1


  1. Kraken


  1. Boodles


  1. Creyente
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