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New Vegan Plant Based Liqueur Line By Creamy Creations

The B2B (business-to-business) Creamy Creation has launched a new Vegan Plant- based Liqueur line. Why? For the health-conscious customers wanting to have ‘free-from’ and ‘better-for-you’ options. Creamy Creation is more than just dairy and their offerings can substitute dairy for plant-based ingredients such as soy, nut, and coconut to accommodate the dietary restrictions and preferences of every consumer.

Creamy Creation’s Soy-free line launches with four flavours: Dutch Silk, Brandy Alexander, Coffee, and Tequila Cinnamon & Blood Orange. The Mixable series also offers four variants: Pink Grapefruit Gin & Rosemary, Piña Colada, Passionfruit Lime & Rum, and Smokey Pineapple Tequila Cream.

Through partnerships with customers, industry experts and mixologists, as well as ideation tours in Amsterdam and New York City, we gathered valuable insights into consumer preferences and ingredient trends. Based on those insights, we started working on a premium product range that would feature natural and pure ingredients. We developed hazelnut, cocoa, coconut, lemon and orange essential oils, but quickly realized these concepts could easily be extended into numerous products and that the possibilities are endless. One of the challenges when working with cream liqueurs that contain natural ingredients and no artificial flavors is that it is hard to create a stable emulsion. Working with all those different ingredients was of course a learning process and there were multiple revisions required to make sure we meet the high quality standards of our Creamy Creation cream liqueurs. We worked with multiple ingredient partners throughout the development process to ensure that all ingredients performed perfectly in the product. ”

By Floris Daamen, Marketing Manager

Creamy Creation has been a pioneer in developing plant-based and vegan creamy liqueur alternatives for our customers for more than a decade. This next generation launch builds on our existing vegan technology, while enhancing the category; using our proprietary technology and technical expertise, we have pushed the boundaries of the industry a step further, by developing a soy-free line, as well as a mixable line that blends seamlessly with coffee, juice and even tonic.

By Jeroen Huiskes, global innovation manager Creamy Creation

Tasting Notes

The Vegan range is available in soy-free and mixable options, where you can customize and tailor your liqueur according to your needs. The new Vegan creamy liqueur line is also gluten-free and is said to taste as ‘indulgent and smooth’ as your traditional cream liqueur. This mixable version blends seamlessly with coffee, juice and even tonic. Both ranges are available in spirit-based and wine-based versions, and are fully customizable for your flavour combination.

Their innovative emulsion technology makes use of homo genesis and emulsification of cream technique. To ensure the highest quality during production, the products are packaged in bottles to keep away from strong light, high temperatures and substantial air incorporation during transport and storage.  This ensures that the products are completely shelf stable with no pasteurization or refrigeration required.

Creamy Creation was established in 1979 and has production facilities in Batavia, New York, Rijkevoort and the Netherlands. Creamy Creation is the premier developer and producer for all of our emulsified beverage needs. For over 35 years, they have been developing, producing and marketing cream liqueurs for the global alcoholic beverage sector. The company uses only the freshest local dairy for the cream and produce a wide range of cream-based alcoholic beverages, as well as vegan and non-dairy options. In February this year, Creamy Creation released a product range made from oats to meet demand for plant-based drinks.

Last year, SB spoke to the company’s executive vice president of the Americas to learn more about building meaningful customer relationships and the importance of innovation in a competitive market. Creamy Creation also released a range of Hard Shakes at the end of 2020, a series of low-alcohol, low-calorie, ready-to-drink beverages.

So, try this Plant based New Vegan Liqueur by Creamy Creations and share your comments.

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