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Kenny Chesney’s Newest Caribbean Rum Cream

Kenny Chesney has been passionate about rum. Cheers! His great passion for rum has led to the cherishing brand which is hard to get by once you have tasted.

Chesney’s passion includes the creation of a Caribbean rum company “Blue Chair Bay”, which earns its name to the prior mentioned blue chair. Taste giver Blue Chair Bay is a worth portfolio of almost 10 rums and rum creams with different flavored varieties.

Chesney’s infused taste and flavors

Right from the beach to bottle Cheseney’s infused Caribbean rich aroma and taste fills the rum lover with an evergreen mind. Every drop of rum is perfectly blended with sugarcane molasses and natural ingredients. Its flavors such as coconut, banana, vanilla, and mango evoke the taste of beach vacations and summer outings with great friends.

For the latest rum creams, Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum announces the newest upcoming flavor Boozy Ice Cream with the partnership of Tipsy Scoop. Both have been collaborating with four brand new rum-infused ice cream flavors to start the summer with.

Blue Chair Bay Mango Rum Cream is a perfect combo fusion of peach, coconut, mango, and lime flavors infused together with real cream. Its availability in the cellar is enough to attract its lovers. Chesney has always surprised its customers with genuine and unique tastes.

The latest release is the Mango Rum Cream.

I want to say thanks to you guys and thanks to everybody actually that helped us pick the new flavor of Blue Chair Bay rum. It was either mango or mocha. I just wanted to say, I appreciate your participation, I appreciate you loving Blue Chair Bay and caring about the next flavor and I just wanted to let you know we have a winner. And that winner is this beautiful orange bottle of mango,”

-Chesney said in the YouTube clip about the new flavored rum.

According to Rum Journal- “The rums and rum creams indulge the assortment of flavored and little spiced rums to a cherishing cool collection of rum creams.

Tasting Notes includes:

  • Colour and Clarity: Off-white, warm cream
  • Body: Full-bodied with a luscious, creamy mouthfeel
  • Aroma: A cacophony of freshly crushed fruit
  • Taste: Rich and complex with juicy nuances of peach, coconut, and lime.
  • Finish: Tropical with a warm rum finish.

Let’s get across Chesney and his idea of investment.

Kenneth Arnold Chesney, an American music singer, songwriter, guitarist, musician, and record producer. His great love for the music industry has made him surpass all the obstacles and come up with numerous awards.

Like every startup, Kenny was also keenly interested in investing in the rum brand. Right since he matured he determined to accomplish things his way and with himself at the company’s helm.

So now don’t delay take the safety precautions keeping pandemic in mind and scroll towards the Caribbean beaches during this summer weekend. Just hold the rum in one hand and the partner in another. Cheers!

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