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Jin Jiji

Jin Jiji – ‘India Dry Gin’

Well in the world of gin – London Dry Gin is a term popular worldwide and it’s like the most common gin category which always makes the headlines. But there’s an Indian gin that is remarkable, unique and has been all-out popularizing the name ‘India Dry Gin’. Jin Jiji Gin is a gin reflecting the beauty of Goa and the botanical diversity of India.

Everything to know about the ‘India Dry Gin’

This amazing gin was founded by Ansh Khanna. In 2018, he launched Massale Wines (Delhi) along with Sanjay Menon & US-based sommelier Rajat Parr. The story of Jin Jiji started when Ansh founded Peak spirits and teamed with Ken Fredrickson, a Chicago based sommelier to create this brand. 

Ken has been tasting and producing wine and spirits from around the world for over 25 years. This is his first gin, Jin Jiji, an “India Dry Gin”, uses a variety of botanicals, including juniper and chamomile and there’s also a Darjeeling variant that looks pretty appealing.”

By Ansh Khanna

The foundation of Jin Jiji is wild juniper sourced from the Himalayas. But that’s not all the true Indian spark in this gin is the addition of Tulsi. This fragrant leaf portrays the concept of Indian Ayurveda due to the constant use of tulsi in this field. The highlight of this gin is basically all the botanicals that create the base, each botanical is distinctive and complements the flavour and aroma equally. Ranging from two types of junipers – Himalayan & Bulgarian to Coriander Seeds, Black Tea, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Cashew Nut, Tulsi & Chamomile – an exceptional combination, no wonder why this gin is so popular! 

“Creating the Darjeeling gin was a fun journey for Ken and me. Jin JiJi Darjeeling has notes of tea and spices. We use FTGFOP -1 (Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) grade tea, and it is custom processed a few days before distillation to preserve freshness.”

The beauty of Jin Jiji in 3 variants

  1. Jin Jiji India Dry GinFrom the fragrant Tulsi leaf used in Ayurveda to the wildly aromatic Chamomile flower, each botanical has a story to tell. The heart and soul of our “India Dry Gin” is wild Juniper, foraged from the Himalayas. Copper Pot distilled in Goa; Jin Jiji is the essence of India.

The ABV of this gin is 43% and it is available in a 750ml bottle.

  1. Jin Jiji Darjeeling India Dry Gin Jin JiJi Darjeeling is the first Tea inspired variant, as Darjeeling is home to the most elegant and distinctive black tea in the world. The heart and soul of this “India Dry Gin” is wild Juniper, foraged from the Himalayas. FTGOP – 1 (Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) grade tea is used in the production of this gin. It is copper Pot distilled in Goa.

The ABV of this gin is 43% and it is available in a 750ml bottle.

  1. Jin Jiji High Proof Dry Gin – Jin JiJi High Proof is inspired by the Royal British Navy who during colonial times first set a high proof requirement for gin being transported to India. As space is scarce on ships, the Navy preferred alcohol at higher strength as they could get more in a smaller space. A strength of 57% ensures that gunpowder isn’t contaminated in case of a spill.

The ABV of this gin is 57% and it is available in a 750ml bottle.

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