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Guinness is a brand known for dark Irish dry stout and their exceptional quality deliverance. The ‘Guinness way’ commenced when Arthur Guinness started brewing ales at the St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin in 1759. There are many historic events in this journey but that has only inspired Guinness to hustle harder and climb higher. As they like to put it :

“Our Greatest Work Is Yet To Come”

By Guinness


  • Founded by – Arthur Guinness
  • Acquired by – Diageo (merged with Grand Metropolitan to form Diageo in 1997)
  • Place Of Origin – Ireland
  • Official website
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The Art Of Guinness – The exquisite craft behind the Guinness taste includes malted barley grains which lay out the foundation. The water used to make their exceptional product range comes from the Poulaphouca Lake in County Wicklow. The ruby hue appearance with the rich and dark taste is imparted by their dark-roasted barley and the precision of the roasting process. One important factor in the process is the temperature – 232 degrees. This is the exact marking that makes Guinness taste like Guinness. Some degrees lower or higher will terminate the significant character. For a wonderful overall balance, hops steals the limelight. Guinness’s beers have double the number of hops as compared to other beers. They also use a special type of yeast called the – Guinness yeast. 

“There’s a ‘head height test’ to ensure we have the correct amount of bubbles in every pint. …Roughly 3,000,000, in case you’re wondering.” – Guinness.

Guinness Micro draught – A new edge technology made for outlets all over the world to be able to serve Guinness perfection. This is a double coaxial piercing of a unique, specially designed can. The can is filled with the very same Guinness that is kegged in St James’s Gate and poured in pubs around the world.

7 World Beer Awards won by Guinness 

  1. Guinness West Indies Porter won both Ireland’s and World’s Best Strong Porter
  2. Hop House 13 was named Ireland’s Best International Lager
  3. Pure Brew was named Ireland’s best low alcohol.
  4. Guinness Rye Pale Ale was named Ireland’s Best Rye Beer
  5. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout won a gold medal in the Imperial Stout category.
  6. Guinness Original won bronze in Ireland for stout.

The product range

  1. Guinness Draught
  2. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
  3. Guinness Original
  4. Guinness Dublin Porter
  5. Guinness West Indies Porter
  6. Guinness Golden Ale
  7. Guinness Hop House 13 Lager
  8. Guinness Blonde American Lager
  9. Guinness Nitro IPA
  10. Guinness Smooth
  11. Guinness Special Export
  12. Guinness Black Lager
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