Tom Yum on a Rock


  • 1 Lime wedge
  • 1 Makrut lime leaf
  • 1 stalk Chopped lemongrass (chopped, hard outer shell removed)
  • 30ml Fresh lime juice
  • 55ml Beluga vodka
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 20ml Palm sugar syrup (equal parts palm sugar and water, boiled and cooled)
  • Garnish: Red pepper flakes, Sea salt, Lime wheel & Red chile pepper

Rub the lime wedge on half of the outer rim of a rocks glass, and coat the glass in a mixture of equal-parts red pepper flakes and sea salt and set aside. Add the makrut lime leaf, lemongrass and lime juice into a shaker and muddle gently. Add the vodka, Cointreau, syrup and ice and shake until well-chilled. Double-strain into the prepared glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel and red chile pepper on a bamboo pick.

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