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Dingle Distillery launches first core single malt whiskey

Irish producer Dingle Distillery has released its first core expression ahead of World Whisky Day (15 May) – a single malt made entirely from its own spirit.

Dingle Distillery has launched its first core whiskey expression, Dingle Single Malt, a milestone in the distillery’s history and a huge step forward in its growth journey. In doing so it becomes one of few Irish distilleries to produce a core single malt product made entirely with its own spirit.

Some 50,000 bottles of the triple distilled, non-chill filtered Dingle Single Malt have been produced and will be sold domestically as well as exported to key international markets.

Matured in PX Sherry (61%) and Bourbon (39%) first fill casks and comprising predominantly six to seven-year-old spirit, every element of the production of Dingle Single Malt (43.6% abv) is manual, with a human hand and eye at each critical point. The distillery’s water source is its own well, 240 meters below ground.

“We use first-fill only casks to produce a richer flavor, while the Sherry casks with their sweetness help to get the flavor in quickly, providing good body to the liquid. Dingle Single Malt can be enjoyed neat, with ice, or as a mixing spirit for high-end cocktails. We hope whiskey lovers will enjoy sampling our new signature product.”

Graham Coull, master distiller at Dingle Distillery

Tasting notes of the whiskey include apples, caramel and raisins. On the nose, the whiskey is said to offer a combination of lime zest and mint, while the finish delivers a honey sweetness and mixed spice aftertaste.

Dingle Distillery’s single malt is available to buy from independent off-licences across Ireland, and the Celtic Whiskey Shop, priced at RRP €55 (US$66).

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