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Air Vodka: World’s First Sustainable Spirit

Sustainability and preservation are vital concepts discussed widely around the world. Due to varying climatic conditions, decreasing fossil fuels, global warming issues, increased carbon emissions from various industries, etc., scientists across the globe are concerned. The major question then arises- Will there be anything of importance to pass it to our next generation? Will Mother Earth remain green and beautiful? The answers to these questions are undetermined and depend on how we help change our practices. Taking an initiative, the spirits industry is also changing and accepting sustainability practices. Air Company has also accepted the sustainable concepts and based the company to produce sustainable spirits and products.

Air Company released their first consumer spirit in the form of sipping vodka- Air Vodka. Air Vodka became the World’s First Sustainable Vodka as well as World’s First Carbon-Negative Spirit. This innovative spirit is designed to combat climate change by lowering carbon emissions created during spirit production. This spirit perfectly balances indulgence with impact.

Air Vodka- The Innovative Spirit

Air Vodka is a combination of just two ingredients- water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and sunlight. The distillation process of Air Vodka is different from the traditional vodka making. 

The startup company uses its own patented distillation process that runs on renewable solar electricity. The Carbon Conversion Reactor system uses captured carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and on-site produced hydrogen to create ethanol, methanol, and water. Later the team mixes the pure ethanol and water by hand to make the Air Vodka. The combination of Air Vodka is- Water (60%) and Ethanol (40%). Thus, with every bottling production, a pound of CO2 is eliminated, making it the World’sFirst Carbon-Negative spirit.

So, with Air Vodka you get natural flavors at 40 % ABV in a 750 ml bottle. According to GQ Magazine, it’s “almost like water” and is “clean and crisp like a shard of light”.  The smooth finish vodka is gluten-free, sugar-free, and carbohydrate-free. 

Air Vodka is hand-bottled in Brooklyn, NY at Air Innovation Centre. It is now available for orders on its website, the Minibar app, Reserve Bar, Caskers website, and the Drizly app for delivery in New York. For in-person purchases, people can visit retailers in select locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

The vodka pricing on the Air Company’s website offers a range of $65 to $74.99 per bottle. 

The company uses vegetable ink for the printing of labels. They’re bound to the bottle using a special, non-toxic tack, allowing them to be easily removed. Recycle cardboard is used for making boxes and the cellulose-based tamper seal is 100% compostable. Both the box and the glass bottle were designed to be given a second life beyond their initial use.

Air Vodka is best sipped clean on the rocks or with a martini, a.k.a, Air Martini, by the Air Company.

This innovative product earned Air Company a spot as a finalist in the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a global competition that recognizes breakthrough technologies capable of converting CO2 emissions into usable products.

Other sustainable CO2 elimination products by the company are Air Eau de Parfum and Air Spray.

Air Eau de Parfum

Air Eau de Parfum is the world’s first fragrance made from air. The cutting-edge Carbon Conversion Reactor distillation system is used to make pure ethanol, which is then mixed with water and fragrance to create the Air Eau de Parfum. The perfume is a genderless and limited-release fragrance with notes of Orange Peel, Jasmine, and Powdery Musk. Air Eau de Parfum is offered with three cap variations; a no-cap, chrome-finish clip for an even lighter environmental footprint, a high-gloss chrome cap, and a satin-finish white cap. The 50 ml product is available for pre-order on the official website in the U.S FOR USD 220$.

Air Spray

“The goal for us has always been to use these products in our own internal research and development for the company, but as beacons for people to show you that you can make these really sustainable products that people use every day in their lives.”

Co-founder and CEO Gregory Constantine shared with Fast Company

Air Spray is a fast-drying, 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer made from air. It’s a carbon-negative antibacterial spray that protects against germs while quantifiably improving the air we breathe. The trio pick of 50 ml spray bottles is available for purchase in the United States for USD 25$.

“Where we’re able to have [a] real impact on CO2 reduction, from an emissions reduction point of view, is when we’re able to then implement it into big business and into their pipelines as well.”

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