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Kultainen- The Golden Wine Launches in Sky by Finnair

The new Nordic dessert wine, named ‘Kultainen,’ has been launched in partnership with the award-winning Ainoa Winery in Hollola and marks one of the first times a Finnish berry wine has ever been served in the skies.

Honoring the Finnish flair at 35,000 feet in the air

Translated as ‘Golden,’ to represent the rich color of the contemporary drink in a nod to Lapland’s 19th-century gold rush, the ‘Kultainen’ sweet cloudberry wine was made exclusively for Finnair. The new dessert wine is balanced with pure and intense flavors.

Finnair also advises that there’ll be hints of honey and citrus marmalade, giving a distinctly Finnish flair. Sounds tempting? The ‘Kultainen’ will be available to the airline’s business class passengers from this month.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing the flavors of Finland to the sky with this new cloudberry dessert wine. As we celebrate our centenary, we want to revisit our Nordic roots and offer our customers a traditional Finnish experience. We know this will be a welcome addition to our onboard menu, complementing our signature cocktail, Northern Blush.”

Lauri Ahonen, Finnair Kitchen Concept and Category Manager

With a new delectable wine and key markets reopening, this year looks much better for Finnair. However, the uncertainty around the global economy makes the flag carrier weary if the increasing demand for air travel will sustain itself.

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