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The Patrón Perfectionists Begins their 2021-22 Final’s Preparation

With the hovering fear of health crisis and lockdown in the year of the most unanticipated and astonishing changes the world looks forward to the newness, but most of it is absolution and expectation with a certain blink of amazement and joy. The Patron Tequila Perfectionists cocktail competition 2021-22 is the sheer example of that, bartenders across the globe come together with their exquisite cocktail preparation and the best of the best takes home the prize. First organized in 2015 in the United Kingdom where the Tequila brand has challenged its bartenders to develop serves that reflect the pursuit of excellence. Since then the competition has expanded to include over 30+ countries, and the 2021-22 contest is getting all warmed up to crown this year’s winning country and its contestant.

This year, by obeying the Covid-19 protocol the competition began on a virtual platform where in the first round of Patron perfectionist participants were to submit their cocktail recipes online. The only attribute they recommended was that all ingredients to be used up in the recipe should be easily available across the globe so that it could easily be replicated to any bar or home bar, or anywhere in the world. The Bacardi-owned brand also proposes to engage consumers ahead in Mexico’s global final. On agreeing upon the Senior Director and Global marketing head of Patrón Tequila commented “With the rise of mixology at home, consumers are now more prepared than ever to engage with our cocktail competition and support the amazing bartenders who’ll take part,” he also added, We are looking forward to rolling out this year’s edition and providing the public with inspiration to craft beautiful cocktails that elevate their moments.

In the next round of this Perfectionist’s journey to the finals, 10 bartenders have to go through a face-off challenge to represent their countries in the global forum. The bartenders here will have a chance to elevate their recipe without any reason and restriction of what ingredients they use. As stated in the Patron Perfectionists official site the real difference will be based on “… the simplest or elevated version of the same cocktail which will be the one thing that sets this Patron Perfectionists competition apart.” These national contests have taken place throughout September and will continue through October also. The final selection will be based on the votes of the consumers for their favorite entry in the national finals, which will be virtually broadcast around the world and judged by a panel of experts. Among the national champions already announced are Lawrence Christopher Gabriel from the Philippines, Zviad Khuntsaria from the UAE, and Zana Möhlmann from Benelux. These also with the other winner of each nation will be invited to Mexico in January 2022 to take part in the global final at Hacienda Patrón.

“For 2022, we have envisioned a new format that will enable bartenders to express their talent and share it with the public globally. Over the past year, digital platforms have become more important than ever, having allowed the trade to keep their work at the forefront of consumers’ minds and inspire drinkers to raise their cocktail game at home. We cannot wait to roll out the new competition format and showcase brilliant bartenders and their creations as they join our familia Patrón.”

By Sykes

The top ten bartenders competing for the title of Perfectionist in the UK final on 11 October are- Benjamin Shelmerdine from Filthy XIII in Bristol, with the cocktail Silver Century; Danny McManus from The Gate in Glasgow, with The Pursuit; Ellie Raeside from Tonic Bar in Edinburgh, with Down Time; Kat Stanley-Whyte from Uno Mas in Edinburgh, with Escape the Box; La’Mel Clarke from Lyaness in London, with In Motion; Liam Scott from The Corinthian Club in Glasgow, with Jalisco Sunset; Morgana Toro from Artesian Bar, with Escoffier; Stefan Oancea from London Cocktail Club Shoreditch, with Nabu; Tiegan King from Babel Belfast, with King’s Rose; and Yannis Heracleous from Hawksmoor Spitalfields in London, with Brick by Brick. These extraordinary people will be judged based on their creativity and flair by a panel of experts, including two-Michelin-star chef Tom Sellers; Giulia Cuccurullo, winner of the 2020 Patrón Perfectionists competition; Deano Moncrieffe, founder and director of London bar Hacha; and Claire Presland, brand director for Patrón, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

October finals date

  • 4th October – Spain and Portugal
  • 5th October – South Africa
  • 11th October – UK
  • 12th October – Colombia
  • 14th October – Canada
  • 15th October – Mexico
  • 17th October – US
  • 18th October – Italy

For more information, head over to the official website.

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