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Forest Spice Gin

Forest Spice

Bring back the echo of an era gone by with a celebration of earthy botanicals with a whisper of malt…

This young golden straw coloured Dutch handcrafted Genever type Gin is truly a throwback in time.

The recipe dates back to almost a century to the Holland of olde. The resultant Gin emanates aromas of rich but course Malt and distinct Juniper which offers an exhilarating nasal experience. Delightfully this is followed by Nutty & Creamy Sweet notes of Berries on the palate with Juniper, Cardamom, Lemongrass, Ginger, Pepper and other botanicals each softly vying for domination over the other as if in a large musical ensemble that culminates into a whisper of malt that reveals its true Genever Character.

Hand Crafted by Goa’s top distillers the product has received a very enthusiastic response within days of its launch. Forest Spice marks the entry of a new era at the Tonia Group as the Company augments its green initiative in an effort to preserve the natural beauty and reserves of pristine Goa that have been depleted over time. The idea is to create a culture that appreciates and embraces green.

In its initial limited Carnival Edition, the bottle holds order tags made from exquisite plantable wildflower seed paper – a gesture that reminds us of how life can exist in the most fragile form. Each bottle sold,  will move forward our mission of creating greener spaces. Forest Spice isn’t just another Gin. It is an ode to the lush green Forests and Earthy Botanicals.

“ Recent urban trends have seen a shift in consumer preferences from dark spirits to Gin. The modern consumer wants to explore his or her drink and in Forest Spice we have presented them with an absolutely out of rhythm product. We didn’t want to come up with just another Gin variant, instead  we endeavoured to bring back the  unique dutch original  to honour the history, diversity and global reach of the dutch world.”

By Mario Sequeira, MD – The Tonia Group (Liquor Division).

About Tonia

Founded by Dr Antonio Sequeira, The Tonia Group started its journey in 1970 with the manufacture of Cashew and Coconut fenny. By 1985  under the leadership of Aleixo Sequeira, the group forayed into Wines & Spirits with the production of quality Indian whisky, brandy, rum, gin and quality grape wines. The group is today very well known for its range of San Andre Liqueurs, Wines and Spirits.  Their products have found preference and have made excellent souvenirs for those travelling to and from Goa. Tonia Pick Coffee is one of the group’s first products which is revered to this day.

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