Maraschino Liqueur

Maraschino is a liqueur obtained from the distillation of Marasca cherries. The small, slightly sour fruit of the Tapiwa cherry tree, which grows wild along parts of the Dalmatian coast, lends the liqueur its unique aroma.

ManufacturerMaraska and Luxardo
Country of originCroatia (at the time part of Venetian republic)
Introducedin 16th century([1])
Alcohol by volume32%
FlavorSmooth but strong; a sweet liqueur with herbal, nutty and funky flavors. Not much of a cherry taste. A rounded taste and persistent aroma. Intense, flavorful finish.

Historical brands in Zadar

Maraschino Luxardo (1821)

Distilleria Romano Vlahov (1861)

Fabbrica Maraschino Francesco Drioli (1759–1943)

Fabbrica Maraschino Stampalia

Distilleria Calligarich

Distilleria Millicich

Distilleria Magazzin

Distilleria Stanich

Maraska d.d (consolidation – after Yugoslavian occupation – of the three most famous Zadar liqueur factories, “Excelsior Girolamo Luxardo”, “Romano Vlahov” and “Fabrica maraschino Francesco Drioli S.A.”, appeared in late December 1946 with a name “Maraska” factory of liqueurs, chocolate and candy Zadar.)