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Hiatus Tequila Blanco

One of the favorite things about this time of year is the smell of fresh grass. Spring grass is the smell of the color green; it feels as close to synesthesia. It’s why every year at the same time internal taste compass bends toward spirits that exude this same colorful characteristic. Recently the thirst for green has been sated by Hiatus Tequila Blanco. Produced in Mexico’s Jalisco region, this bottle of blanco (NOM 1137) has a peppery, earthy nose of roasted agave that breaks into bright vegetal and citrus flavors on the tongue. At approximately 8 years old, the estate-grown blue Weber agave is harvested and the piñas are cooked in traditional stone ovens prior to extraction via screw mill and fermentation in stainless steel. The resulting untouched tequila is simultaneously electric and smooth, with a finish akin to a lovely nap on your neighbor’s perfectly coiffed lawn.


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