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5 Pairs Of Rum With Food Which Make Absolute Delicacies

There is an old and popular saying that alcohol makes everything better. Recently, this proverb has started gaining traction and becoming trendy, with the beverage Rum. People have started pairing food with Rum to form food items that make one’s mouth water like a fountain. To catch you up, and enlighten you with the delicious delights of Rum-enhanced food, we have prepared a list of the top, most tasty items:


Cheese is very popularly taken as the other half of wine because of the amazing compatibility between the two, is also very compatible with rum. Cheese itself is honoured for its truly fantastic taste, but it upgrades to a whole another level when paired with Rum. Taste always gets enhanced with contrast, and if you choose rums like Ron Roble Extra Añejo with Blue cheese, you experience the fatness of the cheese get neutralized by the dry sense of the Rum.

The combo is suggested to be taken with some country bread, ie French bread with a glass of water.


Combining chicken with Rum is not only considered excellent for the taste but also because it is highly useful for bringing a sense of completion and propriety to the entire palate. Spicy, salty, you name it, there are recipes for chicken with Rum for all tastes, that too with high delectability.

A good example would be Sticky Spicy Korean Rice Chicken which is said to be a match made in heaven with Rum.


A surprisingly pleasant combination is of Chocolate and Rum. No one minds a fulfilling dessert after the meal, and many prefer to complete their drink afterwards too. And well, dark chocolate’s bitterness and the sweetness of Premium Rum are guaranteed to bless your mouth with the greatest of tastes there are.

High quality sipping rums are highly compatible with brownies and chocolate bars. These sweet food items should be thought more of fruity and nutty than clean and smooth chocolate bars. Dried fruits are said to improve Rum by a very high degree, so why not try this combo out?

Red Meat

There are a multitude of combinations of meat and Rum which provide a delicious taste:

The Cuba Libre with a burger (classic), or an American-styled barbecue. Dark Rum with briskets is another superb combo.

The grilled lamb is one of the most exquisite meats, and rightfully so, for its smoothness, flavour and texture. It gets even better with a garnish of potatoes, roasted tomatoes and lettuce. And its pairing is excellent with a classic Mojito. The acidity of the mojito is contrasted by the fattiness of the red meat. We suggest this combo for hot days for some mint and lemon with this drink will nicely prepare you for the next bite.


Another fascinatingly exceptional complement for Rum is Pineapple. Pineapple is a great addend to a healthy rice bowl traditionally consisting of fresh raw produce. Smoky flame-grilled pineapple enhances the compatibility of this ordinary dish with Rum even better.

And with that, we conclude our list. Definitely try out these and see for yourself the magical wonders of these combinations.

What are your most favorite pairs from this list? Do tell us through a comment. Thanks for reading!
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