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5 most expensive alcohols in the world that cost lakhs and crores

There’s premium liquor. And then there is a category of alcohol that’s sold for lakhs and crores. The aroma, tasting notes, ingredients, distilling process, everything about these expensive spirits make the drink better in every aspect. So whether you’re looking for something strong yet smooth, exquisite sipper on the rocks, or something that defines the classic times, here’s a collection of perfect bottles and some of the most expensive alcohols in the world.

1. Glenfiddich’s 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky –  Rs 10 Lakh

What makes Glenfiddich’s 50-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky special is how the makers only release 50 bottles of the single malt Scotch Whisky every year. It is vibrant, zesty and has notes of vanilla toffee and gentle smoke. This whisky is the second vatting and one of the oldest, finest whiskies which are drawn from two casks that are matured for 50 years. The 50-year-old scotch comes with a price tag of $16,000 (approx Rs 1,00,53,023).

2. 1926 Macallan Fine and Rare Collection – Rs 54.5 Lakh

This is the oldest whisky in the Fine and Rare collection of Macallan. Only 40 bottles of it were produced that have 42.6% Alcohol by volume (ABV). The 1926 Macallan is dry and concentrated with licorice aftertaste and has no added water. The bottle comes for $75,000 (approx Rs 54,55,702). 

3. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac – Rs 14.56 crore

The 100-year-old bottle of Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac is referred to as the rarest and world’s most expensive Cognac. The bottle is dipped in 24-carat gold, sterling platinum and decorated with 6,500 cut diamonds. The luxurious spirit is packaged by jeweler Jose Davalos. The liquor in the 8 kg was manufactured in 1776 and aged in barrels for more than 100 years. The bottle has 1000 ml liquid with 41% ABV. The bottle is priced at $2 million (approx Rs 14,56,93,000). 

4. 62-year-old Dalmore Scotch Whisky – Rs 1.45 crores

One of the most exquisite whiskies in the world, the Dalmore 62 has appeared in the auction only twice. The liquid gold is matured in a bespoke hand-crafted cask and seasoned with Gonzales Byass Matusalem Oloroso 30 Year Old Sherry. The spirit comes at $200,000 or Rs 1,45,53,100. Only 12 bottles were created and each has been individually named, hand signed, and numbered. One of the bottles was recently auctioned for $335,000 (approx Rs 2,43,77,950)

5. Tequila Ley 295 Diamante – Rs 25.4 crores 

The most expensive bottle of Tequila in the world is full of flavours and aroma. The current value of the bottle is $3.5 million (approx Rs 25,48,26,250). The tequila comes at a hefty price because the bottle has two kilos of platinum and 4,100 white diamonds studded on it. Ley Diamante is a premium extra Anejo (a most aged and expensive form of tequila) that has been rested in barrels for 7 years and has an ABV level of 42%.

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