Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky now owned by Diageo that originated in the Scottish burgh of Kilmarnock in East Ayrshire. The brand was first established by grocer John Walker. Blended Scotch Whisky that’s pushed the boundaries for 200 years. Explore the unparalleled Johnnie Walker whisky range with our signature bold flavours.

Country of origin: Scotland

Introduced: 1820: Grocery store; 1865: Whisky blending

Parent company: Diageo

The story of Johnnie Walker and our whisky history begins, naturally enough, with the man who gave our whisky his name. In 1820, the young farmer’s son started his own grocer’s shop in the thriving town of Kilmarnock. His father had died the year before and the farm sold. It was a tough start in life, but there was always something special about John. A glint in his eye. A fire in his belly.

Bottle nameSizeEst. Price (USD)
Johnnie Walker Red Label700 ml$23
Johnnie Walker Black Label700 ml$35
Johnnie Walker Double Black700 ml$40
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve700 ml$50
Johnnie Walker Green Label700 ml$60
Johnnie Walker Swing700 ml$65
Johnnie Walker Platinum700 ml$100
Johnnie Walker Blue700 ml$180